Incense & Herbs

We have a wide variety of loose organic herbs and incense — sticks & cones in multiple scents including nag champa, hand-blended loose incense prepared locally, top quality sage smudge sticks, palo santo and more.


All Natural and Organic Products from Norma De Jesus’ Iristar Bath & Body Products

This is our new line of products all natural and organic. It includes body lotion, bath salts, shampoo & conditioner, lip balms, blue-green algae treatment & more! Combinations readily available are: Lemongrass & Sage for cleansing and detoxifying. Lavender & Orange for relaxation, to detoxify and sooth skin. Also Rosemary & Mint for relief of sore muscles, relaxation and cleansing. We’ll be happy to customize these essential oils combinations upon request. We have received great feedback and repeated customers.



The Circle is proud to support many talented local jewelry-makers by featuring their work – including intricate clay work by Adrienne Lindsey, delightful gemstone and sterling silver jewelry by Laura Steifer, beautiful enamel pendants and beaded bracelets by John Madsen, and stunning stone & shell wire-wrapped pendants by Cindy McKee, and whimsical creations by Betty Robbins. 


Cyndi Saunders

John Madsen

Adrienne Lindsay

Crystal Bracelets

Melissa Maher

Cindy McKee

Betty Robbins
Laura Steifer

Elizabeth Walker



You’ll find unique gemstone suncatchers, tree sculptures, dreamcatchers, medicine bags, beautiful smudge sticks and talking sticks. These are some of our most popular items. In addition, the work of photographers that captures the healing power of nature from flowers to snowflakes. The fanciful recycled glass work by Catherine Snyder also graces the shelves of The Circle. Shilo Morningstar‘s impressive hand-painted gourd rattles add to our Native American section. Jewelry-maker Laura Steifer also creates delightful, framed symbol paintings, greeting cards and photography.

Catherine Snyder

Laura Steifer

Shilo Morningstar


Crystals and Stones

The Circle carries a broad sampling of popular and unique crystals and gemstones including crystal points and clusters, rose quartz, black tourmaline, kyanite, amethyst, selenite, apophylite and much more.


Spiritual Gifts and Supplies

In keeping with our mission as an all-inclusive spiritual emporium, The Circle offers gifts and supplies for those on many different spiritual paths – both traditional and non-traditional.  Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Wiccans, Pagans, Native Americans and those following other philosophies will all find something at The Circle. Below is just a small sampling of our gifts and supplies.  And if there’s something you want that we don’t have, just tell us – we’ll be happy to order it for you!  

Books on Tarot, Angels and more.

Quan Yin statue

Incense Sticks, Cones and Resins

Book of Shadows and Celtic design Journals

Green Man Pendants

Runes & Decorative Triple Moon Box


Incense Censers & Stone Fetishes

Dream Catchers by Amanda Trowbridge

Sage Smudge Bundles

Reiki Pillar and Votives Candles

Ritual Clearing Bells

Green Tara Statue

Ganesha Statue

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