Spiritual Mentorship

PictureNorma De Jesus offers a mentorship program that provides a platform for expansion of consciousness and growth. It is for those who are ready to commit to their spiritual growth and work to make the necessary changes It provides the support through an individualized journey of inner-exploration and healing to self-empowerment. Interested persons should contact Norma at The Circle to arrange an interview.

Sacred Cacao Ceremonies with Sound Healing Meditations

PictureA journey Deep into the Heart, with Norma De Jesus.

Massage Therapy

Norma De Jesus conducts her massage therapy practice exclusively at The Circle.  She is an experienced, licensed massage therapist whose talent is not limited to traditional massage.  Norma can incorporate Reiki and other energy work, essential oils, sound and vibrational therapy into her massage sessions. She also offers Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Call The Circle for current prices and to schedule an appointment. Scroll down for other services and classes that Norma offers. 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Norma is a practitioner of QHHT. This technique was developed by Dolores Cannon in over 45 years of groundbreaking work. These sessions involve inducing an individual to the sonambulistic state of trance through visualization. These sessions consist of accessing past lives and also gaining access to the subconscious or higher self for healing when appropriate.

Integrative Breathwork/Rebirthing

Integrative Breathwork/Rebirthing is a conscious connected breathing to cleanse away toxic patterns and facilitate new choices. Breathing fully and consciously we can discover and release the core issues held in our mind and emotions. It creates space for new possibilities. This process is highly energizing as it increases the level of physical and spiritual energy in our body, cleansing the many tensions held there. Integrative Breathwork begins with circular breathing while using a musical trajectory to take you into an altered state of consciousness. It is within that state that the healing journey begins. This is followed by the creation of mandalas that depict your soul’s experience during the journey of the breath. Sacred group processing completes the breathwork as a means to gain understanding and begin integrating what was shown into daily life.

Ear Candling

The ancient practice of ear candling is available at The Circle, done by experienced candlers.  We have natural beeswax or scented paraffin candles available.   Reservations are required.  Call The Circle for current pricing and to make an appointment. 

Ionic Foot Baths

The Circle has two foot baths available so you and a friend can enjoy this relaxing and detoxifying process together.  The popular detox foot bath removes toxins from the lymphatic system through the pores of the feet which are the largest pores of the body. An ionization process is produced in the bath to promote the flow of fluid through the lymphatics.  It’s an easy alternative to a hot bath or sauna. We suggest a 30 to 45 minute soak at least once a week.  Foot baths are available daily by appointment!  Call The Circle for pricing and to make an appointment.

Classes & Workshops

The Circle offers many classes and workshops every month on a variety of interesting topics. Some of the most popular include:

Group Meditations — A weekly exploration in a group setting is offered most Thursdays 7:15 – 8:15 pm by Norma De Jesus. Please either call, or check our calendar.

Women’s Spirituality  — A monthly gathering in addition to classes and workshops are offered to address concerns and challenges related to women in their spiritual path.

Eating for your Energy Body  — This workshop is designed to bring awareness of foods and fluids that can assist in raising the vibrations and balancing of a person’s energy field and helps create awareness of the spiritual connection with food. It includes a review of the teachings of many ancient cultures including Ayurveda, Chinese medicine or Shamanism which used foods and fluids to restore balance in the physical body and energy field.

Reiki — Norma De Jesus is willing to consider beginning, intermediate and advanced students for Reiki training and attunements.  Interested persons should contact Norma at The Circle to arrange an interview.

Djembe Drumming  — Learn West African and Middle Eastern rhythms. Two rhythms with multiple parts each session.
These courses consist of six weeks classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. You will receive a practice CD and rhythm tablature for each rhythm. Djembe drums will be available for use during class if you don’t have one.
An interactive drum circle will be held regularly. These can be meditative, centering, grounding and fun!

Awakening the Dreamer — The Circle sponsors both workshops as well as discussion groups geared toward teaching participants how to work with their dreams for mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Students will be given instruction and guidance in working with and understanding their dreams and how dreams can lead them to deeper levels of consciousness.

Energy Work / Reiki

<class=”wsite-content-title” style=”text-align: left;”>Energy clearing, chakra balancing and full Reiki sessions by Norma De Jesus. Other ascension work such as DNA Activation and Light Codes also available. She is also a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Norma offers Reiki classes and other modalities, meditations and a spiritual mentorship program. Call The Circle for availability and pricing. Individual Reiki sessions by Abigail España are also available. Abigail’s sessions are available in Sundays.

Aromatherapy – Vibrational Raindrop Technique

<class=”wsite-content-title” style=”text-align: left;”>Brings subtle bodies into alignment and healing of physical body by supporting the immune system with use of reflexology, about 9-12 layers of essential oils and tuning forks. This is a great way to detoxify the body as well and bring alignment of energy bodies.</class=”wsite-content-title”>

Monthly Sound Healing Meditations

<class=”wsite-content-title” style=”text-align: left;”>Norma De Jesus utilizes Himalayan and crystal singing bowls. She also uses other instruments that incorporate different tones including solfeggio frequencies. These sessions are soothing, balancing and can facilitate deep healing. They are great for healing the energy body and awakening cellular memory. They last about 60-75 minutes. Please wear comfortable clothing to lay on the floor.</class=”wsite-content-title”>

Individual & Small Groups Sound Healing Meditation

<class=”wsite-content-title” style=”text-align: left;”>These sessions may incorporate different sound healing instruments, conscious breath-work, crystals and essential oils with a guided meditation. These sessions last 30-45 minutes.</class=”wsite-content-title”>

Energy Vitality Technique with Solfeggio Frequency Tuning Forks

<class=”wsite-content-title” style=”text-align: left;”>During these sessions we open vortexes of energy to bring more energy, moving stagnant energy. These assist in clearing blockages, healing and balancing the energy flow. Most people experience more clarity and feel energized after this sessions! These last 45-60 minutes. </class=”wsite-content-title”>