Magic of Flowers Oracle, by Tess Whitehurst


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Magic of Flowers Oracle, by Tess Whitehurst
Discover inspiration and remedies for your spirit with the Magic of Flowers Oracle. Created by Tess Whitehurst—intuitive counselor, energy worker, and author of The Magic of Flowers—this deck is designed to help you quiet your mind and access your inner wisdom. With gorgeous images by artist Anne Wertheim, this oracle deck connects you to the beauty of flowers, the whimsy of elementals, and the precious miracle of life itself.
— Bougainvillea
— Calla Lily
— Cherry Blossom
— Dahlia
— Daisy
— Forget-Me-Not
— Impatiens
— Iris
— Lilac
— Lily
— Orchid
— Pansy
— Rose
— Tulip
— Wisteria
— and Many More




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